Sunday, February 28, 2010


We spend millions annually (as a nation) on childrens toys. We should maybe rethink the old classics. Playdough is a cheap toy with hours of possibilities.

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A Saturday in February

It finally reached 40 degrees in Missouri. Cori was having massive withdrawls from riding and so she and Camri set out on a short ride yesterday. I think that Cori tried to persuade Camri to stay inside with Grandma. It takes twice as long to get Blue ready then Camri actually wants to ride. But - Camri was insistent that she was riding. Uncle Cole helped her get mounted using the mounting block and they were off. Cori and Camri rode about an hour. By the time they returned Camri had lost her beloved hat (notice the tiara), her fingers were cold and I think Blue had had enough. They are out ridiing again today. Camri is headed out looking for her hat. I hope that everyone is starting to see a little bit of spring. I understand from Tim Cross that his area set a record low yesterday. The sun is shining in Missouri and the mud is starting to dry up a little.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010


This is Katie. She is our mule in the next ad of Mules and More magazine. She will make someone an excellent family mule. Give us a call if you would like additional details.

Loren and I are extremely proud of the changes that Cori has implemented with Mules and More. We love the new format and the addition of color. If you are pleased with the changes, leave Cori a comment at She will be thrilled to hear from you.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jake Clark Mule Days

This is Stumpy. We are taking him to the mule sale at Jake Clark Mule Days. He is an outstanding roping mule. He has a broad hip and chest, a tall wither and clean neck. Stumpy has been used in the stockyards since he was 3 years old. He can do it all when it comes to a cow. We have hog hunted on Stumpy his whole life. You can lead a pack of dogs off of him. He will go anywhere you point and won't get shook up while doing it. He is really broke in the bridle, lopes circles on a loose rein and has a super turn around.

Jake Clark Mule Days sale will be held June 20 in Powell, Wyoming.

If you have any questions about Stumpy - give us a call.
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Monday, February 8, 2010


It has been snowing the last few days. We are out of school again today for snow. Camri is loving it - until her hands get cold. I received pictures from Germany from Jennifer Schmuck of her mules in the snow. Make sure you check her article out in this month's Mules and More that just went into the mail. We are expecting 3-5 inches more of snow today. I guess we'll get out of school sometime in July at the rate we're going. (That's not true - May 17 as of today.) Loren has had to add a few layers of clothes, the mules are looking for shelter and I'm staying in where it's warm!
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