Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meeker CO.wmv

Loren's recent hunting trip to Colorado.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Trail Riding

We were also joined by Jeff and Kacie Smith from Belle, MO. Kacie has a slightly older brother who normally rides with us- but it was a father/daughter ride this time around.

Tim Cross of Iowa

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Trail Riding

This is Dallas George and her colt, Sky Dancer. They are one of the most well-paired mule and rider that I've seen.

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Trail Riding at Canann National Forest

We had a beautiful ride Saturday in an area outside of Bland. Larry and Dallas George joined us from Arizona. They had flown in to come ride a colt that Loren had in training for them. The weather was cool but once the sun came out it was really nice riding.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Trail Riding

Last Sunday, we went trail riding at a state park that is close to the farm. We were joined by the Smith and Lange families. Above is Kasey and her mom Jennifer. Jennifer has just finished taking (and passing) the boards for Respitory therapy.
Brody Smith

Chris Lange

Steve and Jessie Lange
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Camri in the Obstacle Course

Camri and Shadaizy (and Grandpa) did a great job. She moved the monkey (which made monkey noises) to the mailbox. She walked through the curtain of ropes. She crossed the bridge.

She walked over the tarp and through the box of empty water bottles. She jumped the hurdle. The only obstacle she was unable to complete was rotating the piece of wood in a circle around the barrel. It was too heavy for her to pick up. It was a great experience for her and Shadaizy. We are very thankful to the saddle club at New Bloomfield for hosting the fun show.

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New Bloomfield Mule Show Obstacle Course

Cori and Hoosier Daddy

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cole and BB

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Poles and Barrels

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Egg and Spoon

Cole and Maggie

Dan Elliott

Cori and Hoosier Daddy were the winners

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First Mule Ride

This is Ali. She is Cori's boyfriends daughter. She is four years old and this was not only her first mule show but her first mule ride. She participated in Egg and Spoon. The show was great about giving the little girls multiple opportunities to carry the egg. They both got first place in the class.

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