Sunday, October 12, 2008

Local Cowboy Race

Cole and Jiggs running through the barn.

Richard Ullmer on Badger.

Cori and Hoosier Daddy jumping haybales.

Loren and Jewels climbing the gravel pile.

Brody Smith and Odie walking over the logs.

Brody is 7 and the son of Jeff and Jennifer Smith.

Loren and the kids decided to attend a local extreme cowboy race over the weekened. It was held by a little saddle club close to home. We had a couple from Iowa here for a short clinic with Loren this week and they took their mule and competed too.

The course set was a pretty good course. It was set out in a circle basically so that part wasn't too hard to remember. The rules were a little weak and tended to change after we got started but also is normal for around here. We have found over the years that when we arrive at a "horse" event they are happy to take our money but they aren't going to let us take any of it back home. People aren't rude just uninformed. There was a little donkey showing at the race and a lady who couldn't control her horse at any time felt that the donkey scared her horse while she was in the arena.

They provided some age divisions: 12 and under, 13 to 18, and 19 and over. The 12 and under division had the little kids dragging a tire around a barrel. This was a very bad idea. The rope was too long and the tire to light and when the kids got going it became almost airbound and scared the horses.

The day was a lot of fun and we may or may not go back in the spring. I would hope some rules were in writing next time and we stuck to the rules. It's their ballgame and their ball, I guess they can make the rules up to suit them as they go along.

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