Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweetwater Lake

Loren and I along with Randy and Vickie Gibbs have been at the Sweetwater Lake trail riding for the last couple days. It was beautiful. We really didn't want to come down the mountain to go to the Rocky Mountain Mule Days. It's a beautiful spot for trail riding and only cost us $36.00 for the camping. An amazing deal at any price!!!!
We will be at the Rocky Mountain Mule Days until Saturday. We arrived at Eagle only to find that the rules to the Xtreme Mule Challenge had changed. This is a business and as such any rule changes should have been given to the competitors at the time of entry. From what I understand they have gone from giving 3 saddles (Xtreme Mule Challenge winner, rodeo winner and High Selling Mule) to just 2 saddles. They have combined the Xtreme Mule Challenge and Rodeo saddle.

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joslyn purdue said...

Where exactly was this, for camping. how were the facilities and trails? I am looking for somewhere to go next summer. Please all the info on it would be great.. Joslyn