Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that everyone has had a fantastic family-filled Thanksgiving. I wanted to let everyone know how thankful we are that you and your families are a part of our mule life. I hope that everyone had the opportunity to skip bargain hunting and go out and hang out with your mules. Ours are very hairy and I think they are ready for spring.....

Here are a couple of pics from my Thanksgiving. Loren, you will notice, is absent from all pictures. Some will think he probably came to his senses and left - well he did. He left to deliver a mule to a customer in Arizona. We had recommended a hauler from Colorado who got sick and had a stroke while in route. Loren and Tim Cross gave up their turkey day (and hog hunting) to pick up the mule and take it the rest of the way to Arizona. I understand that Loren and Tim ended up eating in an IHop for Thanksgiving dinner. Please think good thoughts that they will make it home Tuesday safe and sound (with very sore bottoms for driving 31 hours there and 31 hours home.

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