Saturday, April 30, 2011

5K Run for School

Llans (my brother), Danica (his wife), Eden (Danica's sister), Cori and I did a 5k for a fund raiser for our local school district. Llans actually ran and the rest of us walked. Llans ended up 3rd in his age division and 5th overall. The four ladies were not last - but pretty close to the back of the pack. In all honesty - we started last at the very back of the pack. I had to stop a quarter way through and use one of the volunteers bathrooms. (So much for drinking 3 cups of coffee before we ran....) I caught up and still didn't finish last. It was a nice morning, the weather was pretty and breezy. It was a nice morning --- thanks to the Belle PTO for sponsoring the event.
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