Saturday, December 31, 2011

T Cross Farm

Our friends, Tim and Sheila Cross, have purchased a farm in Missouri and are moving from Chariton, Iowa. Loren and several friends (Jason, Steve, Jordan, Wesley and Brandi) offered to come over the holidays and help move some of the larger farm related items. We left the house at 4:45 am and headed to Iowa. When we left the house, it was 52 degrees. It got colder and windier the closer we got to their house. We arrived, loaded the trailers and set off back for home within 3 hours. It felt much, much colder in Iowa with the wind blowing who knows how fast and no real trees to block the wind. Luckily the Missouri people had more coats and gloves in their trucks. We weren't sure if we looked more like we were headed to the junk pile or if we looked like pickers. We were quite a sight. Tim lead the way with his load leaning to the left. We made it safely back to Missouri and unloaded at their new home about 10:00 pm. Their new neighbors who live across the road had to question what type of people had purchased the place. We looked like quite a hillbilly caravan of trucks and trailers. I do not want to imply that we were hauling junk, Tim said it was all very valuable and I have to believe that everything we hauled down here will be used daily and appreciated.

Steve hauled Tim's farm truck and inside the truck (which you cannot see) it was piled full of Tim's valuables.

The people who followed behind us for 200 miles on a 2 lane road were not very happy with our pace I am sure. Jason hauled a wagon and several hay rings. I think he was worried often that his hay rings were sliding off but he made it all the way without incident. Sheila had a horse trailer full of home items bringing up the rear watching out for any items that fell off the trucks.
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