Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pasture Roping

Much to my surprise - I love pasture ropings. I do not like watching regular arena roping. But there is something great and exciting about a pasture roping. Loren had a birthday Sunday and decided to spend the day at a pasture roping. It was really fun. We met Taylor, Brownie and Bristol Binkley in Rolla and then met Gabe, Stacey and Claire Whittle at the roping outside Willard, MO. It was technically in Walnut Grove, MO I think. Loren, Gabe and Scott Massman of Rolla won first place with three outstanding runs. Loren, Scott and Taylor took second place. It was a beautiful day with a nice cool breeze. It was a really wonderful way to spend Loren's birthday. It is an annual event so mark your calendars to join us next year at Big Woody's Pasture Roping.

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