Monday, July 21, 2008

Chuckwagon Race Mule Races

Loren, Cole and I spent the weekend at Lockwood, Mo at the Arkansas Chuckwagon Race Association races. It was hot - but what a crowd they had. 1000's of people gathered around to watch chuckwagons race. It is a pretty exciting sport - the precursor to NASCAR. Everyone watching them circle waiting for a wreck. Cole raced his mule, BB, in the mule race. He was out front 3/4 of the way the first day and BB pulled out of the circle and the winner went on by to take the victory. The second day BB was ahead all the way until 10 foot from the finish line and she again veered outward and Gary Mathes snuck by to win by a nose. Cole's mule is faster - just not quite as controlled yet. He'll get him at the National Chuckwagon Finals in Clinton!!!! I got too much sun as usual. The chuckwagon races were good but the Ranch Rodeo had 23 teams and took entirely too long to complete. I don't think the bikini barrel race was what they had in mind. Cole decided they might want to put a weight limit on the race (typical 17 year old statement.)

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