Monday, July 14, 2008

Great Celebration Mule Show

I have recovered from our trip home. Tim and Sheila Cross went with us and on the way home Tim's wheel on the trailer about fell off. We spent a couple extra hours getting it put back on. Today is being spent doing laundry.

A couple comments about Shelbyville: when the show says substitutions are allowed, they mean substitutions for riders not for mules. I think they should clarify that in their rulebook. We had to pay an extra $22.00 to take Katie out of a class already registered for and put Hoosier in the same class. I think that is silly. The show used two judges this year. I think Judge Isley did an excellent job. He stuck with the same type mule during halter and he stuck with the same english/western type mule throughout the class. He didn't jump around with what he liked. I like a judge that stays with what he views as standard and doesn't chose things based on color or size. I didn't like that the schedule put driving on two different days - seems kind of dumb.

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